DISCO DANCE PARTY & THROWBACK 90s Get in the groove

Disco Dance Party
and Throwback 90s are two Fringe shows bound to get you out of your chair and onto the dance floor.
Led by the “poised, sassy and soulful” stylings of vocalist Claire Fahie and her outrageous, super-funky seven-piece band, audiences can expect songs from Destiny’s Child, Hanson, TLC and more at Throwback 90s, while Disco Dance Party promises to have you Stayin’ Alive all night as the group takes you right down to Funk Town. Ahead of Claire’s shows; Throwback 90s this Friday, January 22 (get more info and tickets here) and Disco Dance Party on Saturday, January 23, both at the Ellington Jazz Club (get more info and tickets here), MICHAEL HOLLICK sat down with the star vocalist to get the low-down.

How would you describe your shows in your own words?

Disco Dance Party & Throwback 90s presents all the charting-topping music from each era, compressed into a high energy show and performed by a killer seven-piece band.

And who do you think will enjoy these shows the most?

The shows are for anyone who wants to get up and have a boogie and most importantly just have a really great time!

How long have you been preparing for Fringe 2021?

We prepare for Fringe throughout the entire year, performing each of these shows in a slightly different format at many venues, including the late sets at The Ellington Jazz Club.

Regarding your two upcoming shows, what is the one thing that your show “says” that you are eager to share with the masses?

After being in lockdown and having the privilege to live how we currently are in WA, we just want everyone to let go and embrace the incredible time that is Fringe World!

And finally, what do you think differentiates your shows from other Fringe 2021 shows?

There are so many incredible acts in Fringe 2021. I believe what makes our show so unique is the audience and the energy each night brings. It truly is about them having a great time and thinking of nothing else but the music, dancing and good company.