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DIRTY PROJECTORS Break-Thru gets 8/10

Dirty Projectors


Arguably the best Dirty Projectors line-up had Amber Coffman sharing lead vox. Remember her amazing vocal range in Stillness is the Move? Incredible! So now she’s no longer in the band, how does the latest Dirty Projectors single compare without her inimitable sound? Well, as with last year’s impressive self-titled comeback album, it stacks up! Although David Longstreth’s voice isn’t in the same league, nor is it going to be everyone’s cup of tea, Break-Thru is an addictive, joyful bop.

Known for incorporating world music influence, over the top instrumentation, and impromptu strings into their tracks, this signature style is ever present in Break-Thru. Clipped drumbeats and a jangly guitar riff from the upper echelons of the fret board underpin staccato lyrics about a woman who is “an epiphany/ her electricity opens my days”. Following the break up sentiments of last year’s record (he and Coffman were previously a couple), it sounds like Longstreth might be in love!

This could explain the song’s buoyancy, much like his inspiration from David Byrne (who he pays homage to in the film clip). You can also hear traces of Paul Simon’s Graceland, and long-time collaborator and friend, Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend). Here’s hoping the group’s upcoming album Lamp Lit Prose (out July 13) is full of pop gems of the same ilk.


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