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DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN @ Capitol gets 9.5/10

The Dillinger Escape Plan @ Capitol
w/ Förstöra
Sunday, October 15, 2017 


Most insane live act. The Dillinger Escape Plan would have to be a contender for that title without question, and arguably without parallel. A career spanning over a decade with five albums, relentless touring, broken bones and line up changes aplenty, their performances have always been something to behold. Dillinger’s definitive final Perth show at Capitol on Sunday was no exception. 

Local hardcore juggernauts and apt choice of support, Förstöra, laid a solid foundation for the evening’s performances. Their album opener One Last Stand satiated old fans and made new ones with their relentless brand of d-beat driven riffage. The uptempo ferocity of the arrangements require nothing short of an absolute beast on the skins, found in Brody Simpson, who pummelled through what would be a daunting chart to any drummer. Closing with slower banger Last Rites Read, the crowd was appreciative and amply groomed for the final coming of TDEP. 

The Dillinger Escape Plan

A low drone swelled through the dimmed room, signalling the mayhem about to unfold. Bassist Liam Wilson emerged from the shadows and adopted the Stance; legs akimbo, crablike, splendid – the neck of his instrument priapic for the impending fingerwork. Punters surged and swayed under surveying white light beams as The Dillinger Escape Plan launched into the first two tracks from their 2013 release One Of Us Is The Killer. Unpredictability was palpable and any questions as to what frontman Greg Puciato may have been snacking on backstage were answered, as he screamed point blank into front row faces.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Fan faves Milk Lizard, Panasonic Youth and Black Bubblegum followed, the first of which saw Greg handing the mic down to an audience member who relished in yelling its outro with zeal, to the band’s delight. 

Banter was kept to a minimum as TDEP chugged through their set like only they know how, playing some of their newer material before dropping non-album downtempo number Happiness is a Smile. 
Necks be crankin’
. Puciato showcased his impressive falsetto in One Of Us Is The Killer. Drumming phenom Billy Rymer, unfortunately obscured by low stage light and smoke, gave a percussive masterclass in the frantic Good Neighbour from 2010’s Option Paralysis.  The intensity in the room crescendo-ed with the epic Farewell, Mona Lisa from the same album, the crowd singing along fervently while Ben Weinman launched himself into the crowd. Notch up another battle scar, Benny.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Closing the set with Limerant Death, hungry punters were treated to a face-stuffing encore of Miss Machine nuggets Sunshine the Werewolf and 43% Burnt (or turnt, as the setlist read. Indeed.) In signature Dillinger style Puciato surfed his way over to the bar to scale its length and scream rapaciously into another reciprocative face, but not before pilfering the drink of a gracious admirer and quaffing it outright. He surfed back to the stage while Weinman dangled from the lighting truss in salute.

 Nothing short of spectacular, Dillinger gave Perthites a truly glorious send-off, carving the last laceration of their legacy into the hearts of all those who attended.


Photos by Stu McKay Photography

The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Dillinger Escape Plan

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