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Diger Rokwell


Ash Hosken, the co-founder of local music collective ‘The Community,’ returns with a new EP and with it fuses his love of house music alongside a production knowledge gleaned from four previous albums. The release is dedicated to the number four. Four tracks all lasting four minutes with a 4/4 time signature, but this isn’t peak-time hands in the air dance-floor fodder; it’s a lot more complex than that.

It’s easy to see from where the title of opener Coast was garnered, the warm organic sounds and deep house groove conjure an anticipatory crowd watching the sun setting over some distant ocean, eager for their night-time island clubbing adventure to begin. Grateful evokes the recent works of Bonobo and with its pitched down vocal stabs and minor key layered chords surprisingly Burial too.

Title track Innersense is another classy deep house number with layered synths and soothing pads and with final track Rain, said to “Catch the vibrations of a Perth winter,” we are again exposed to the elements, sounds of precipitation accompanied by broken beats a subtle bassline and haunting refrain.

Demonstrating his love of analogue instrumentation, this natural, free from artificial colourings, beat driven offering is easy on the palette and hopefully a prelude to a more substantial long-player in the future.


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