Different Ways To Play Oz Lotto Online

Do you want to play lotto online, but you don’t know the way to go about it?  One of the places you can start is the Oz Lotteries. To start playing lotto online, you can buy your online ticket from Oz Lotteries, a trusted online lottery retailer in Australia. It’s trustworthy, ensuring your data are kept secure. More importantly, you get your wins directly in your account within three weeks of your win. 

There are different methods you can use to play Oz Lotto online, which are listed and explained below.

Play By Picking Number

Playing by picking numbers could be as simple as just choosing random numbers, such as your and your loved ones’ birthdays, or you could go technical by doing serious mathematical calculations. You may even need to study and analyse past draws to determine the correct numbers. For instance, in a Saturday Lotto game, you may need to be deliberate about picking your numbers to be able to win the whopping AUD$20 million jackpot.

The Standard Game 

Playing standard gives you a chance to win easily. With this ticket, you have a chance to win a prize, plus the opportunity to select your numbers at each game. 

The Syndicate

With the syndicate, you’re permitted to share your entries and prizes with other players. By doing this, you can do more just by playing with a team. When you play more games, you automatically increase your odds of winning at least one prize. If the syndicate ticket wins a prize, then you share the winnings equally among your other syndicate team players.

System Ticket

The system ticket offers you an entry that covers all the combinations of your chosen numbers. This helps you play more numbers than what a standard entry provides. It also increases your winning rates. 

The Super Combo Tickets

These are exclusive Oz Lotto tickets, offering you a chance to play more numbers in as many games as you love. You could also have more number combinations than a standard ticket, but it won’t cover all the number combinations, as in the case of the system. This gives you a greater chance of winning the game, too. 

To play the Oz Lotto online game, you have to be familiar with what you’re playing and when to play it. You can play the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Powerball, and the Saturday Lotto games. Each of the games is played differently and on different days.

  • Monday Lotto

The Monday Lotto runs for a long while. It has a minimum division prize pool of AUD$1 million that can each be won by four players per week. This is the guaranteed minimum. When the winners are more than four, the AUD$4 pool prize is equally divided among the total number of winners. 

To play and win the Monday Lotto game, you’d pick six random numbers from one to 45. Then, you match the six random numbers you’ve selected in a single game with the six winning numbers picked from the draw. You need just one winning number and two extra numbers to win at the lowest division.

  • Tuesday Lotto

The Tuesday Lotto is widely famed for its AUD$100 million jackpot!  It’s one of the most popular played games in Australia. Aside from the AUD$100 million jackpot, it also has the minimum Division 1 prize of AUD$2 million. Play a single game of Tuesday Oz Lotto and win the prize pool. To win, you’ll need to choose seven random numbers from one to 45, then match your chosen number with the seven winning numbers from the draw in a single game. With at least three winning numbers and one extra number, you can win the lowest division and go home with the AUD$2 million pool prize.

  • Wednesday Lotto

Just like the Monday Lotto, this game is a long while lottery. If you win the Division 1 of the game, you’ve won the prize pool of AUD$1 million. At least four winners per week can win this prize. In a situation wherein there are more than four winners in Division 1, the winners will equally divide the AUD$4 million prize among themselves. 

To play and win the Wednesday Lotto, the rule is pretty much like Monday Lotto. Pick six random numbers from 1 to 45. Then, match the six winning numbers from the draw with your own chosen six numbers. With a minimum of one winning number and two extra numbers, you could win Division 1.

  • Thursday Powerball

The Powerball earned its name well when you consider the amount of the prize pool and the jackpot. Winning the game will give you a minimum of AUD$8 million as the prize pool for Division 1, with a jackpot of AUD$150 million.

To play and win, you need to pick seven random numbers from 1 to 35. Then, you choose a number from the Powerball numbers 1 to 20. You’ll, then, match your seven random numbers, including your Powerball number, with the winning numbers for the draw. With a minimum of two winning numbers and your Powerball number, you could win the lowest division.

  • Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto runs for a while, and it has a total estimate of AUD$4 million as the Division 1 prize pool. Aside from this, it has the super draw and the mega draw of over AUD$20 million jackpots to be won.

In a single game of the Saturday Lotto game, you’ll need to choose numbers from 1 to 45. To win, match your chosen six numbers with the six winning numbers from the draw. All you need to win is two winning numbers and two extra numbers.


From the foregoing, you can see that playing lotto is not that difficult once you get the hang of it. Following the instructions here will equip you to play online lotto games and win massively. All you have to decide is which way or method you choose to play your game and what game you play. Once you make that decision, it’s time to win. Good luck.