Die! Die! Die!


S W I M  

Black Night Crash / MGM


‘Overlooked’ and ‘underrated’ are, sadly, two terms that are liberally yet justifiably applied to the discography of Die! Die! Die! Despite accolades for their exceptional live shows and consistently engaging albums, they never seem to quite reach the heights they deserve.

To many, Die! Die! Die! are a sleeper. So, to them – and every other fan of modern post-punk and forward-thinking, interesting guitar music – this must be said: wake up. Now.

Die! Die! Die! have delivered the single best album of their career. That potential from their early material? Realised. The progressions made on Form and Harmony? Expanded beyond your wildest dreams. Sonically, it’s white-knuckle levels of intensity from go to whoa, with piercing cries and knife-edge guitar matched up to pummelling drums and earth-rumbling bass. Not a single track drops below exceptional, its emotional spectrum never loosening its grip. This is a band that has gone above and beyond the call of duty to deliver its definitive album.

Whether this is your first time or your fifth time, prepare to be stunned and enthralled by what you find on S W I M. Things for this band will never be the same again.