“We always know how the other is feeling so we have that solid link that not many others get to experience.”



Dichotomy launch their debut CD, Human Detox, this Saturday, June 6, at the Railway Hotel with guests Ultrasound and Pockkets Of Resistance. BOB GORDON chats with guitarist, Corey Hodgetts.


Dichotomy evolved from your previous band, Dark Karma. Describe the transition why it took place?

We put Dark Karma together in early 2012 after a trip I took to the US. I met people who were willing to throw some dates in America for us if I took a band back to play but after picking the wrong people and spending too much time working around others’ schedules we decided to drop the deal and the name. Dichotomy is purely Jess (Rutten) and myself with hired guns to play live.


Yourself and Jess are partners in life as well as partners in music. Describe that special chemistry and how the music is influenced by it?

We met five years ago though an ex music student of mine and have played in the cover scene all up and down the state so we have bonded a lot in that way. We listen to a lot of the same styles of music and we always write about real day to day events that happen in our lives and being a couple it makes it easy for us to work on stuff anytime we like. We always know how the other is feeling so we have that solid link that not many others get to experience.


What are you writing about or sway to in your music these days?

This CD, Human Detox, is about breaking away from negative people. We have had to let people go out of our lives for one reason or another and we have put that energy into these songs. We are very focused on what we do in our lives and that sometimes can put people off side I guess, but we have no regrets at all.


What’s the live set up for the band?

The live band is myself, Jess, Daniel Holmes who produced and played on the CD, and on drums we have Chris Webber who I have known since primary school and is a known drummer in the local scene.


Plans now that you had a debut release?

We a doing a video clip for the cover song, Take The L, by The Motels and we are going to do everything in our power to make as many people hear it. Its the first song Jess and myself played together and we kinda consider it our own in a way. We have the blessing from singer/songwriter Martha Davis to go ahead and release it so we decided now’s the best time. We just want to enjoy writing and playing our form of heavy rock and will go as far as it wants to take us.