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DIANAS Heart Of Me gets 7.5/10


Heart of Me
Inertia Access


Diana’s new track Heart of Me is a poppy, melodic, ethereal beauty. The song is, at its core, a dream pop track, but builds intrigue with hints of garage, grunge and rock.

The three piece band, originally from Perth, relocated to Melbourne in 2015 where they have been working on new music. Seemingly, the variety and contrasts of Melbourne has made an impression on the band, with more complexity and diversity found in the new track compared to their previous works. That is not to say the song isn’t as sweet as singles like Good Enough Girl because it is; it is delicate, soft and catchy, but bolder than previous works.

Heart of Me begins with standalone indie-esque guitar work and slowly brings in soft but resounding percussion. The production is first class. The guitar work throughout has a jangly garage feel to it with spaced out progressions and a certain rawness. The understated reverberating music works nicely to create a platform for the heart of the track, which is the beautifully harmonised and layered vocals of Caitlin Moloney, Nathalie Pavlovic and Anetta Nevin forming a chanting echo chamber of feminine, sugary sounds. It may prove too sickly sweet for some, but if you have a musical sweet tooth, you will eat it up.

The song has a sense of naivety and innocence to it that is coherent with their previous works, but where the band’s older material was more minimalistic, Heart of Me is more direct and adventurous, yet still them.

Though Heart of Me is definitely a mature step forward they haven’t lost their ingenuous knack for writing catchy, dreamy songs that take you floating away to another place.


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