DI CHIERA Return of the Italian deli

Now here’s one that should make the locals happy! Di Chiera Bros, the old North Perth Italian deli and sandwich shop that was particularly close to our hearts here at X-Press (and office, just down the road on Fitzgerald Street), will be reopening in late April after suddenly closing last March. Strangely enough, in the EXACT. SAME. SPOT.

“The store is getting a long overdue makeover,” Tom Di Chiera, the custodian of the family owned business, said recently. He has also said that, despite the changes, “It’s not becoming a wanker’s place. We are not changing the menu or raising the prices. If someone wants to come and get a loaf of bread or some milk, they can. There’s an element of everyone losing their corner deli. I didn’t want to lose that part of the shop.”

The made over store will include vintage chandeliers and a new eating counter with phone charging points. The coffee machine will also be moved to the front of the store as a feature. The kitchen has been modernised and the bakery area has been expanded.

The menu will not be changing, and the store will still be selling their famous continental rolls, house made sausage rolls, milkshakes and other milk store style items will still be available.

Di Chiera is set to reopen in April.