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DENISE LE MENICE Heart gets 7/10

Denise le Menice

Barely Dressed


Heart is the first single from Denise le Menice, the new solo project of Perth’s Ali Flintoff (Boat Show, Dream Rimmy). The track is a sweet, round, wholesome experience detailing the revolution of young love, break-ups and the modern dating world. The track is full of lush ultra-femme harmonies, indie guitar and Flintoff’s lyrical wit. It makes like an effortless return to the psych-pop sensibilities of Dream Rimmy following her punk turn with Boat Show.

Heart is accompanied by a circa-2000’s sweet-as-sugar video directed by Eden Barlow. It’s this nostalgia and pink on pink on pink that echoes the song’s ideas around  tit for tat teenage-like love dramas as well as a love for the past, be it sounds, aesthetics or a particular someone. But despite its sugary disposition, there is enough interesting, swirling guitar, tones and shoegaze elements to add a bit if edge to the otherwise virtuous song, whilst the video adds those kitsch and quirky elements Flintoff has become renowned for.

With Heart, Flintoff proves that she has an aptitude to continuously create catchy songs, be they sweet guitar pop or anti-patriarchy punk. Whilst Heart may not be as great as some of Flintoff’s other tracks (there have been some bangers), it nicely showcases a different dimension and side to the singer, another creative outlet and yet another musical muscle being flexed.




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