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DEMON DAYS Taking It Slow This Time gets 8/10

Demon Days
Taking It Slow This Time


Demon Days have been kicking around Perth since 2016, and they’re quickly becoming one of our biggest bands. Having released several singles, plus their 2018 EP Magic Eye, Demon Days have also been busy this year going on a national tour and playing in Canada and Singapore. However, these busy worker bees have still had enough time to bless us with a second EP, Taking It Slow This Time.

The title track, Taking It Slow, opens with an arpeggiated synth track, that vaguely gives you the impression of flying. This opening then splits into a plump bass track, and singer Bella Nicholls pairs with said bassline like a siamese twin. Next come two of Demon Days’ earlier 2019 releases, both already firm favourites in the band’s catalogue, Gravel and Hands Free.

Trash Talk is all soaring trumpets, fit to welcome a king. This is one of the songs that tackles the global issues of climate change and our abuse of the environment: “now our time is up, missed our chance and now our land is fucked.” Taking It Slow This Time also features a range of talented Perth musicians. Lead singer of Perth band Butter, Lachlan Payet, features in Trash Talk, breaking up Nicholls’ vocals with a deep gravelly tone, contrasting to her own mellifluous sound.

The EP finishes on a slightly different note to the rest of the album, as Demon Days slow things down for their last track Plum. A modern-day romantic ode filled with amorous strings and seductive 70s synth dips, the intrinsic pace changes and pairs swelling strings with strips of seductive guitar and synths. Nicholls’ voice slows down for this track, taking on more of a caramel tone, and the overall atmosphere of the song shows Demon Days’ ability to transcend their former work yet stay true to their distinct style.

Only the most isolated soul and funk band could come up with an EP as distinctive as Taking It Slow This Time. Unsurprisingly Demon Days have been nominated for a handsome number of WAMAwards, including Most Popular Live Act, and if you’ve ever seen a live show this shouldn’t come as a surprise – the energy that the band puts into their live performances is first class. This vibrancy translates into their recorded work as well. Demon Days have created high energy, maze-like tracks with complex polyrhythms and breaks from basic song structure.


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