DEMON DAYS Gravel gets 7.5/10

Demon Days


Kicking off with a funky little synth beat reminiscent of a 90s cartoon intro, Demon Days’ new single Gravel has some serious gusto. A signature cracking snare joins the synth before Bella Nicholls’ unique vocals slink into the song. As always, their tight form and playful tone strikes a particular and individual feeling, producing a vibrant, cheeky result.

The song details Nicholls’ struggle with vocal nodules caused from the continual stress of her vocal cords. Given her high energy live performances and controlled, smooth singing voice, it’s not surprising that her cords could get pretty stressed. Clearly though it hasn’t stopped her from supplying us with that signature tone which works so well in Demon Days’ exuberant, lush jazz fusion.

The tittering synths by Joshua Chan and Will Renner-Shao combined with the pumping drums of Mark Ashworth and slinking bass of Marley Donnan-Cook all coil up into a delightful addition to their upcoming EP Taking It Slow This Time (out Wednesday, October 2). Their debonair style stands out in the Perth music scene, and anyone who hasn’t should treat themselves to watching a Demon Days performance. Excitingly, Demon Days will also be touring Taking It Slow This Time nationally later this year.