DEMON DAYS @ Badlands Bar gets 9/10

Demon Days @ Badlands Bar

w/ Grievous Bodily Calm, Priscilla, Butter
Friday, August 31, 2018


Perth locals Demon Days hosted a big night launching their EP Magic Eye on Friday. There was definitely a lot of magic in the air.

The outfit’s debut EP brings a lot to the ears. It is polished neo-soul with a little bit of R&B, just to dirty it up. The EP is perfect. Drums sound tight, bass sounds groovy and the synths just lift your heart. Although, with this EP, we really get to see a bit more from Bella Nichols. When I first heard Demon Days, it was her voice that really attracted me to the band. It was like a newly squeezed OJ, fresh, tasty and kind of stings your mouth… It’s a good sting though. The EP has brought to my attention Nichols great ability to write and bring up some pretty interesting topics.


Butter were the first act of the nights and defiantly was a good choice to get an early crowd in. I have been seeing Butter gain quite a loyal fanbase, seeing familiar faces at each gig. The boys in Butter just released seven-track mixtape, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. It highlights their unique sound but also showcases the boys’ mixing skills. As always, they brought their signature energy to the table and it was well received by the audience. Couldn’t think of a better way to start the night.

The electro-pop duo Priscilla continued on with the dancing theme. It hard not to shake your rump when your blessed with the easy listening pop of Priscilla. The set was fun and enjoyable, but defiantly the highlight of the set was the lyrics. I love what they mean and what they represent. I am seeing a big stage, two spotlights and a screaming crowd.

Grievous Bodily Calm

It’s always a treat to see Grievous Bodily Calm. There was defiantly something in the air, the band presented an unreal amount of energy, heck, maybe the most electrifying performance I have seen from them. I think the love and passion they perform with on stage adds with illusion of mystery, whether they’re slamming their fingers on the keys or slapping the skins. Listening to Grievous warmed up my hips, ready for a boogy to Demon Days.

Demon Days

Five-piece outfit Demon Days come to the table with a cracker of a debut EP, and may I just say how good it is to have a larger discography from Demon Days, it makes the drive home from the 9-5 a lot easier. Magic Eye emphasises a polished mix of elegant jazz, subdued hip hop sprinkled with a little bit of R&B to leave shoulders swinging. Bella Nichols’ lyricism touches on some much-needed social commentary, presenting this through heart-warming vocals.

Special mention to 6056, one of those songs I cannot get away from. This song maybe screams that sprinkle of R&B the most, yet constantly stays beautifully soulful. The song takes on a massive journey instrumentally and lyrically. I feel like the outfit took the time and looked at every nook and cranny of the song and filled it with some refreshing sounds that bring goosebumps to your arms.

Demon Days

The launch was definably something special. The groove was set by the opening bands as the crowd were glued to the dancefloor waiting for Demon Days to start their set. I don’t think there was one person who did not shake their rump that night, the stage presence of Bella and the band just made everyone feel so comfortable… and I mean… watching Bella nonstop dancing… kind of makes me want to dance. The outfit where joined by a secret sixth member who supplied rich and graceful tunes from a flute and a saxophone.

I guess we have to address something that is kind of scary. The Perth locals have defiantly built a name for themselves as the neo-soul kings and queen, they are having a massive influence on the members of the Perth local music scene and defiantly introduced me to another genre some years ago. But, having my older sister come to a local gig, someone whose last gig was watching James Blunt on a Wednesday afternoon at Kings Park is a scary thing. These talented musicians are able to create fun and flavourful music experience, which encourages people of all types to groove around and share some smiles.

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