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Word Is Bond



Four albums in and Melbourne rapcore outfit Deez Nuts are continuing to produce edgy and in-your-face tracks… and it’s starting to show some cracks.


With 14 songs, Word Is Bond is everything a Deez Nuts fan would hope for on paper, an addition to their ever-growing discography; however following 35 minutes of chugging and uninventive vocal placement there isn’t much memorable. Lyrically, JJ Peters is engaging amongst a mix of emotive messages and free-flowing curses however it’s the sudden ends and short run times of each track that limits the album’s ability to really get going. Its speed and momentum flow at a similar pace and never really take off or decrease, instead each song slowly begins to sound repetitive.


All negatives aside, the band as a whole have once again projected their ability to produce intense riffage and maintain their bad boy personas; their brief interpretation of Grandmaster Flash lyrics in The Message is a fun inclusion as well.



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