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deathgripsDEATH GRIPS

Fashion Week


Fashion Week is the first Death Grips album not to feature MC Ride’s bitter howls cutting through the music, and is instead pure electronic instrumental hip hop. 

Featuring an assortment of tunes with individual tracks drawing from differing styles and moods, riddled with intense drumming on Zach Hill’s part, the album does well to remain unique from track to track while still effecting a high level of electronic prowess not dissimilar from the band’s first studio album, The Money Store.

However, the unfortunate issue with Fashion Week is that the release itself suffers from being a safer, less experimental effort than previous albums and therefore seems to betray the group’s past work.

The tracks dance between sounds from the alien to electric screams and even through to grunge in places. While all these songs are interesting in their variation, it all still feels like something you’d hear at a DJ set rather than on a Death Grips album.

Fashion Week has all the hallmarks of a decent electronic album in that the tracks still evoke enough to make a person want to move, but unfortunately there’s nothing that challenges the listener.

2.5 stars


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