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DEATH FROM ABOVE It’s an outrage!

Death From Above have announced their third album Outrage! Is Now will be released on September 8, 2017. A new single, Never Swim Alone is out now, following the June release of previous single Freeze Me. Check out the latest tune below.

The duo began work on the album in the midst of finishing their 2014 comeback record, The Physical World. The merry merchants of muscular death dance discord – Sebastien Grainger (vocals, drums) and Jesse F. Keeler (bass, keys, synths) – made a collective decision to embrace their own penchant for perpetual motion while gleefully maintaining the car-wreck intensity of their punkified disco rock. Ultimately, Outrage! Is Now confidently kicks off a new chapter, minus the the 1979 that used to finish their name.

Grainger says: “Outrage! Is Now is meant to be felt on both a visceral and emotional level. We tried to make something that excites and surprises. Our journey is that of enlightenment and seeking truth. There’s enough fiction and meaningless distractions in the world to make you totally shut off. We hope this record turns you on.”

Never Swim Alone is out now. New album Outrage! Is Now is out September 8.

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