Dead Letter Circus

Dead Letter CircusLike Thieves/OPIA

The Rosemount Hotel

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Despite the winter sprinkle, Brisbane progressive rockers Dead Letter Circus pulled quite a crowd for The Insider Tour, supported by fellow Brissy-boys Like Thieves and Perth trio OPIA.

OPIA opened the show in typical fashion to a small trickling crowd that increased as the set progressed. The guys powered through crowd favourites Recharge, Undone and their latest release, One Minute Ago, with lead singer Mike Bok setting a high standard for the evening with incredible vocals.

Next up, Like Thieves came on with passion, charm and the ability to hypnotize all into forgetting all that is taking place around them. It was great to see lead singer Clint Boge (former The Butterfly Effect lead) back, belting out an almighty range of vocal tones. Guitarist Oden Johansson and bassist Clint Gough packed a serious set of hooks and riffs. Tracks from The Wolves At Winters Edge EP such as Echoes Of Time, along with new tracks from their upcoming new EP to be released in August, stole the night.

Dead Letter Circus graced the stage with a bit of chit-chat and then they were right into it! There was a sense of focus and mastery about the show, in support of their latest release The Catalyst Fire. The stage performance was as fun as ever, with lead Kim and fellow guitarists Clint Vincent and Tom Skerlj jumping around on stage, encouraging an incredibly decent mosh for the Rosemount. The crowd was responding to every prompt and at one point Clint Boge returned to the stage to duet with Kim on the track Lines, where the crowd went nuts.

Dead Letter Circus’ set covered an array of tracks from old school to their latest releases, including Lodestar, Space On The Wall, The Veil, This Is The Warning, Walk and crowd favourites Cage and Next In Line. The overload of Dead Letter Circus talent ended the evening on an all time high.

It was obvious the crowd loves Dead Letter Circus, with the Rosemount filled to the brim. The incessant moshing and crowd-surfing was a clear indication of Perth wanting the boys from Brisbane to make a swift return! Looking forward to what they have in store for us next!