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David Sedaris


Writer, raconteur and comedian, David Sedaris, is renowned as warm, humanistic and fearless teller of tales, famed for his numerous books and essay collections – the latest being Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls – his appearances on NPR and more. We caught up with him all too briefly ahead of his one and only Perth spoken word appearance.


What does the show encompass? What can we expect to see and hear?

I just stand at a podium and read out loud. Sometimes, while reading, I look up. I realise I’m not selling it very hard but honestly, that’s all it amounts to.


How have international audiences generally reacted to your work, both written and spoken. Have you had any issues with cultural translation, or does American cultural hegemony generally mitigate that?

I often don’t realise until I begin reading something how American it is, not just in terms of its references, but also in regards to its attitudes. That said, I seem to go over well in Germany, Austria and, oddly, The Philippines.


How much will Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls inform the show?

I might read a thing or two, but will hopefully have a fair amount of new material by then.


What’s your work routine like, particularly your writing schedule?

I get up at the crack of 10:00, go straight to my desk and stay there until lunch time. At night I sit down for another quick session. It is, at most, a four and a half hour day. That said, I never take time off – not even on vacation.


Any upcoming projects you want to let us know about?

I’m recording a  new series for the BBC Radio 4 and have another book in the works. I’m also fixing up a beach house. Does that count?




Catch An Evening With David Sedaris at the Perth Concert Hall on Friday, January 24. Tickets available here.

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