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DAVEY CRADDOCK One Punch gets 7.5/10

Davey Craddock
One Punch


Every city has its own Northbridge, so to speak; a foreboding sector of an otherwise vibrant city, where its name has become synonymous with crime and disorder. Davey Craddock’s One Punch explores these no-go zones with a tone so dissimilar to its discussion.

The laidback nature of the song hits you immediately; the last thing you’d expect to be hearing is a frank depiction of Saturday night drama. A fairly slow, consistent and simple riff and a complementary beat act as a vehicle for what’s being said, rather than holding their own. It feels reminiscent of The Drones’ music; wordy and story-like, yet skilfully arranged to maintain interest.

The oft-repeated “There’s a hundred different ways to say ‘I don’t give a fuck about you’” is perhaps indicative of the give-or-take nature of language in these tense areas. So much can be said with just a glare or even a fist. The listener is guided to wonder if such exchanges should be as prevalent as they are.

One Punch seems easy to listen to, but may not feel as such once one processes the message. Its comments on violence compel us to reflect on, in the words of Craddock himself, “What the hell are these people so angry about? What are we all so angry about? What the fuck is going on?”


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