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Dave’s Cans Falls Silent

1397797_1431995840357068_1111821892_oThe nascent cultural hub at Many 6160 has been dealt a serious blow after a series of complaints from local residents has led to the plug being pulled on live music at Dave’s Cans Rooftop Bar.

In a statement released on Facebook, then venue said that complaints from “…a group of very vocal residents in the Fremantle area” has led to the decision and that, in the future, musical performances will be limited to “…house music and quiet DJ performances only.”  Presumably unplugged performances by white guys with dreads banging away on untuned acoustic guitars would also be allowed, as Freo can’t get enough of that, only objecting to innovation and vibrancy.

This means the bushfire fundraiser planned for Saturday, January 1, with The Empty Cup, Dux & Downtown and The Wilds – a textbook example of the kind of noisy, antisocial activity that Fremantle will not stand for – has been cancelled.

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