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Modular Recordings

Darkside is a collaboration between electronic musician Nicholas Jaar (best known for his acclaimed 2011 album Space Is Only Noise) and guitarist Dave Harrington. The LP comes on the back of their recent surreal reimagining of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and is a fusion of introspective rock and conceptual electronica which for many is heading down a road sign-posted as ‘pretentious’ and should be avoided, but not dismissed too quickly. This sort of sound has been done before, most recently by Trentemøller and in the ‘90s by bands such as The Aloof and Lionrock and is one that needs time to be absorbed before one is comfortable with the sombre melodies and haunting vocals. Opener Freak, Go Home is certainly one of these growers whilst The Only Shrine I’ve Seen, the most upbeat track on the release, displays hints of Pink Floyd along with its guiding bass and guitar licks. The bluesy Paper Trails is a conventional rock track that could have been released anytime in the last 50 years. This is not a dance album, but it is sufficiently different and has elements of interest that give it a charm, meaning it can’t be dismissed too quickly.


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