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Daniel MacPherson in Infini
Daniel MacPherson in Infini

With the science fiction thriller Infini getting a VOD release last week, we had a chat to Logie winner, triathlete, actor and TV show host Daniel MacPherson, about his first lead film role, and Aussie sci-fi. 

Infini certainly earns it’s science fiction credentials bringing a lot of different concepts such as slipstream and time dilation to the fore. A bit of a change from hosting Dancing With The Stars, but one MacPherson quickly adapted to. “I was surrounded by sci-fi connoisseurs and I had a real crash course. So I was very well briefed. I felt it was my job to make it accessible to the audience, no mater what the set up is. Whether it is someone fighting for their life in present day Western Sydney, or on a deep space mining station light years from Earth, to allow the audience to connect you have to keep it in simple human terms.”

Working with director Shane Abbess proved a rewarding and intense experience, as a lot of effort was placed into creating a gritty and tense future. “It was a long way from Wild Boys, I tell you.  Just the totally immersive process Shane sets up in all his films. I was ready for that. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into that level of commitment. By day three it was the most challenging job I’ve ever had as an actor, and also the most rewarding.”

“I was surrounded by an ensemble of incredible actors, and everyone in this show had something to prove, both personally and in character. I was out to prove I wasn’t just an affable TV presenter. Abbess was out to prove he wasn’t a one hit wonder. Brian Cachia (co-writer, composer) is the same. Luke Hemsworth was fighting against his last name. Everybody on that set had something to prove. What that meant was everyday on that set everyone brought their A game and more. It was the most demanding, challenging, and intense set I have ever worked with. Everyone was pushing each other, it was all a very ‘method’ way of acting.”

The production ended up converting two factory spaces in Western Sydney for sets, offices and living space. “It was truly independent film making. Everything happened there – from production office to set building. Some of the crew lived there. I lived there for the eight weeks of the shoot. We all inhabited this base, and it took a lot away from the distractions that come with staying in a hotel in the city and being driven to your set.” The result is a production look comparable to big budget sci-fi films.

MacPherson’s next project is playing an Elven prince in the MTV series Chronicles Of Shannara, a series based off Terry Brooks’ popular fantasy novels,  “John Rhys-Davies is playing my father. So I go to work most days and debate the realm of the Elven people with John Rhys-Davies. Which is not a bad way to make a living.” Can’t argue with that.


Infini is available to rent or purchase on iTunes and other digital platforms.



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