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DanielJohnsDaniel Johns will finally release his debut solo album, Talk, on Friday, May 22. As part of the announcement today he’s also dropped another new song, Cool On Fire, co-written and produced by Lorde/Jarryd James collaborator, Joel Little.

“I’ve always felt like most people hate everything I do but thankfully there’s always been an enthusiastic minority who seem to ‘get’ it,” said Johns in a statement. “That’s fine with me. Anything that appeals to everyone tends to suck anyway.

“What’s funny is that when Silverchair released Frogstomp most people went out of the way to tell me how much it sucked. Then when we made Diorama a few years later everyone started telling me how I should go back to making Frogstomp. I guess now I’ll be told to go back and make Diorama again!

“That was part of why I picked the album title too, by the way. I don’t really care what most people think. Let them talk.”

Johns will launch Talk with two special shows at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Thursday-Friday, May 28-29, as part of the Vivid Festival.

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