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Dan Webb



Misdemeanour Records


Psychedelic Melbourne songwriter, Dan Webb, has hit all the right notes with his first studio album. Filled with lush retrospective influences, Sandstorm is a thrilling, funky journey of vintage synth and musical exploration.

Like all great complex meter music, the rhythmic phrasing of Riot is understated and goes almost unnoticed underneath Webb’s cool synth riff and pulled-back vocals. Lonely Pony, featuring ex-Australian Idol contestant, Bobby Flynn, is a breezy pop number that fits surprisingly well just after the halfway mark in the album, though Sleep, featuring Ashleigh Cummings, is underwhelming.

Webb draws heavily on the seminal influence of ‘60s and ‘70s pop and psychedelic bands, that verges on outright plagiarism at times, yet there’s a nice feeling of balance between tribute and originality throughout the album.



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