Dan Cribb
Dan Cribb

As We Drift Apart

Earlier in the year, Perth muso Dan Cribb announced his departure from punk act, The Decline. Focusing on more singer/songwriter type material, he has assembled a backing band and released As We Drift Apart.
Comparing this release to his last uncovers a massive graduation in sound. Whereas his debut EP The Memories Last relied on acoustic-driven tracks and more intimate instrumentation, As We Drift Apart sees Cribb take full advantage of his backing band, turning these songs into full-on ’90s punk rock tunes. The personal touch is lost in the translation, but the melodies are still there and perhaps even brought to fruition. The album is reminiscent of punk bands who are focused on melody, such as Lagwagon, Alkaline Trio and Blink-182.
Cribb’s vocals are definitely the highlight – they have a tone that conveys energy and emotion, especially on songs such as Fall Apart. When he sings, ‘I know I can see it’s not easy / It’s killing you / It’s killing me‘, the conviction is clear. Kisschasy frontman Darren Cordeux lends his voice to Let’s Move To New York, one of the album’s shining moments.
Cribb has taken the sound on his debut EP to the next level, making everything bigger in the process.

3 stars