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DAN CRIBB & GUY SEBASTIAN Team up for Simpsons cover

WA punk rocker and general local legend Dan Cribb has teamed up with pop star Guy Sebastian for a new track on his ongoing tribute to The Simpsons, Worst Tribute Ever where Cribb and guest vocalists cover classic Simpsons songs.

During a trip to Perth last year, Sebastian spent some time in the studio with Cribb working on a revamped version of the show’s classic We Put The Spring In Springfield.

“I mentioned it to Guy in passing and he was immediately on board with the idea,” Cribb says. “He started humming a medley of Simpsons hits when I asked.”

“We had a blast in the studio working on this song and I’m so stoked with the results. I never thought I’d be singing a Simpsons song with Guy Sebastian when I started this project.”

We Put The Spring In Springfield is the 25th song from Worst Tribute Ever, which already features guest vocals from members of Ball Park Music, The Beards, Luca Brasi, Tired Lion, Clowns, Polish Club and more.

Listen to Dan Cribb and Guy Sebastian’s We Put The Spring In Springfield…

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