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DALLAS FRASCA A Beautiful Noise

DALLAS FRASCA band shotWith a new single, You Are Beautiful, in tow, Dallas Frasca hits the Prince Of Wales, Bunbury, this Thursday, October 30; Settler’s Tavern, Margaret River, on Saturday, November 1, and The Odd Fellow on Sunday, November 2. BOB GORDON checks in…

Describe the last 18 months, what with four overseas tours happening in that time…

It’s been an incredible ride. We’ve recorded a new album with collaborations with members from Ugly Kid Joe and Sevendust, tripped to Europe four times, two national tours in Australia and released two singles. I feel like we haven’t come up for air but I know the whole band thrives on being smothered by the task of creation, it gives us purpose. I think we’re at our strongest when we’re struggling to get to the surface.


Tell us about the new single, You Are Beautiful. Body image continues to be a pressing issue doesn’t it?

Yes it’s definitely is, You Are Beautiful is our ‘fuck you’ to the majority of the media for making people feel inadequate about themselves. It’s time to break the chain of being programmed by the media and corporations into accepting unrealistic body images. You Are Beautiful sings out to society and advertisers that prey upon men and women’s insecurities. The film clip marries this statement and celebrates and embraces diversity and positive body image and yes we all take off our clothes to prove the point.

There is so much excessive photoshopping of body images in the media, it’s time people unsubscribed to the notion that being a certain size, shape, colour, weight determines whether you’re healthy, beautiful or sexy. We hope this song will inspire people to be more aware of what they are reading and feel. We are all beautiful the way we are!


Where does the song lie in terms of the forthcoming new album, Love Army?

Sonically, this album isbigger than anything we have done before, we have a few final touches to make before it’s release next year but this song is a good indication of what the new record will sound like. Again it’s a great showcase of the fine producing skills of New-York based Andy Baldwin. We had Danny Leo (King of The North) drum on the new record which just set the songs on fire, we really can’t wait for everyone to hear what we have in store.


This album’s partly crowdfunded, it must feel good to know that your fans feel strongly enough to actively participate in your music?

We are all still blown away that our crowdfunding campaign hit $22,000 earlier this year, you can sometimes be deluded by the fact that you spend so much time in between four walls with the three band members you sometimes forget that there are people out there that believe in your music as much as you do. It was a huge boost of confidence walking into the studio. I know reaching that goal definitely had a part in us pushing ourselves further musically then we had gone before, firstly because these awesome people have faith in us to deliver and I also think to prove to ourselves that we can fucking do this.

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