Beatz ‘N Pieces EP



D-JEONG, a Perth-based maker of beats and electro-locutions, just released his EP, Beatz ‘N Pieces, five tracks, arranged with no particular organising principle in mind, the soundtrack to the everyday routine of a cyberpunk metropolis. There’s repetitive percussion, ambient synth padding and clicks building up to relaxed, slow-tempo hip-hop tracks that are good for chilling, or as background music to daily business.

On a technical level, it’s a fine piece of work. On an artistic level, it’s not particularly remarkable or interesting. As it stands, it’s the definition of standard, in a positive way. Not to be dismissive – it does the job, and D-JEONG is a person who no doubt has a passion for making electronica. Here’s to the next cool thing that emerges from his mind and fingers.