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CZARFACE & Ghostface Killah

Iron Claw
Silver Age Records


Introducing the Ghost…Face… Killaaaaaarrrrhhhhh (as laid down by Ol’ Dirty Bastard in Wu-Tang Clan’s iconic Da Mystery of Chessboxin’).

Now that’s out the system, bring forth Iron Claw, lead track from forthcoming LP collaboration between rap supergroup CZARFACE (Inspectah Deck with 7L & Esoteric) and Ghostface Killah, predictably titled Czarface Meets Ghostface, out February 15, 2019.

Trailing CZARFACE’s 2018 collab with MF Doom, Czarface Meets Metal Face, Iron Claw offers another nostalgic old school hip hop throw down for listeners. Those familiar with the Iron Claw players know what to expect: straight up, raw, in-yo-face hip hop, as the fierce MCs lay down masterful vocals over 7L’s gritty beats.

An ominous drum beat and crunchy bass, scattered with a “don’t push me” vocal sample build the foundation for the unrivalled chemical composition of lyricism. As Inspectah, Ghostface and Esoteric trade barbs in an aural hero vs villain style battle, static background noise intensifies its raw ambience.

Iron Claw combines favourable elements of classic and contemporary hip hop; no auto-tune, no trap, no mumble rap, no gangster beefs or poppy sell-out rap, simply solid old school hip hop.

Classic hip hop will never die, songs like Iron Claw make sure of it. With multiple successful LPs and collaborations under their collective belts, expectations for Czarface Meets Ghostface are high. If the nostalgic Iron Claw is anything to go by, the full-length LP will be an unmissable 2019 highlight.


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