CRAIG HILL @ State Theatre Centre gets 9/10

Craig Hill C’mon the Lads @ State Theatre Centre (Perth Comedy Festival)

Saturday, May 4, 2019


Craig Hill’s return to the Perth Comedy Festival was once again triumphant. Naturally quick and brutally witty, Hill plays on his phenomenal talent for room theatre by utilising audience interaction with some of the most incredibly snappy patter to be seen on a stage anywhere. It seems effortless, although there is no doubt that this kilt wearing Scottish queer has fine tuned it over years until it is nothing less than art to witness.

Merciless with audience members who dare speak up or sit in the front row (rookie mistake!), there is still something so very endearing about his peculiar brand of humour that you actually want to be targeted by his heat seeking missiles of humiliating hilarity. Each person is secretly hoping to be picked. When it happens, being mocked has never been so much fun. You actually feel a bit special, like a schoolboy picked for the dance.

It appears as if no material is prepared, but it doesn’t matter, because the performance is exquisite. Bouncing off and around audience members until 45 minutes into the show, when written material suddenly appears, it’s almost a disappointment. Other comedians take note, because if you’re this fabulous and clever that you don’t even need to plan your show, but still pull it off so professionally, you’ve perfected the art of rollicking as you roll with your suddenly loyal fans.

The title of the show is marketing genius, as are the posters. Featuring a very hetero-centric image of Hill playing soccer (or football, if you’re wrong…), and with a title which invites straight men to a show they think will be about sports, they are suddenly slapped in the face with all the “faggery” (Hill’s word) they were completely unprepared for. It’s more than a little bit brilliant.

It’s worth noting that Hill sticks around afterwards to meet and thank his audience, perhaps apologising in some cases, but it’s the mark of a true star. It’s a great gesture, especially after they’ve participated massively in your show, and is just so cool. Can more famous folks please do this? It’s super lovely.

Very literally laughing until you have tears rolling down your face is possibly one of the most freeing experiences one can have. It’s better than sex or therapy, depending on who’s doing it. Craig Hill ticks every box. He is an all-singing, dancing queen who is sex daddy deluxe, making gay panties drop and straight audiences fall in love.