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COSY Happening gets 8/10



Perth locals Cosy, featuring members of The Love Junkies, Shit Narnia, The Chlorines and more, are a band that needs your attention. And if you haven’t had a chance to discover the band formally known as Mung Dahl yet, then you’re in luck, as they have just dropped a delicious slice of psych-tinged, new-wave pop-rock entitled Happening, a track that will keep you bopping into 2018.

Clocking in at just over five minutes, Happening is a track that feels like half that length, as it sucks the listener in with a soft groove and steady, syncopated beat that are tastefully layered with a mix of 60s guitar tones and 80s keyboard layers. The track’s lush production demonstrates the band’s pop sensibilities, arranged in such a way as to create something that is uniquely new and interesting.

While taking in elements of the current ‘in’ psych sound, (Perth is the capital of ‘that’ sound after all), Cosy are more than capable of pairing this in equal measure with their own influences from garage rock to 80s new wave ways. As a result, Happening finds itself in a trajectory that is bound for a spacey sound, one oft-explored by groups like the Flaming Lips or Mercury Rev.

Ultimately, Happening‘s appeal is driven by the band’s honesty and their sincerity, a trait which is best represented in guitarist and vocalist Sam Rocchi’s lyrics. Aided by his heartfelt delivery, which is reminiscent of The Go-Betweens’ Grant McLennan, Rocchi’s lyrics sonically fit the tune with a tale of love and loss, while also providing the band with a unique identity without watering down their musical ambitions.


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