COSMO’S MIDNIGHT @ The Monastery gets 8/10


Cosmo’s Midnight @ Mr. Lonely (The Monastery)
w/ Sable & Time Pilot
Saturday, April 1, 2017


As the previous and closely related night Frayed eventually became the denim skirt that was too short for anyone to wear, there was a tearful pause for Fremantle’s reckless and free-spirited. Where else could you now feel young and dumb or numb and fun?

Prayers were quickly answered when some guys from similar circles got some feathers rustling and launched a peculiar event by the name Mr. Lonely. “Alone, together” read the tagline so presumably this would be the new hangout for sad girls to meet sad boys and make some sad mistakes…. Presumably, right? With the mention of a certain special guest, there was a big enough motive to drown some buried sorrows in a Gin Sling.

But there weren’t any tears and there weren’t any emo haircuts (unless you count one half of Time Pilot). Instead, there was a comradery and an excitement that had begun quite early on in the night. With lounge styled decor, a mirrored bar and antique chandeliers there was a strong sense of kush which complimented last minute guest Sable. The young Gameboy producer brought a fairly experimental chill set to the house that had a few solo dancers testing the waters. We traipsed through his glitch world across tracks such as Feels So Good and his little kawaii number Surf.

Next in line saw the shiny Perth duo Time Pilot pick the vibe up with their future bassy compilation. They had a nice balance of electronic (LDRU) and pop (Twenty One Pilots) that kept it both relatable and motivationally danceable. The mid-way point struck a chill chord as Calvin Harris’ Slide and Wave Racer got it feeling sexier. They played out a few of their own interesting unreleased numbers before eventually laying down some Kucka with their little Honey flip banger. It’s common knowledge that it’s important to get on the mic to get provocative, to really get the people going, but maybe asking Freo “howzzitgoinnn??” repeatedly is not 100 percent the right way to do it. That being said, they did get a few fists in the air and a full d-floor by the end of their double decent set.

The boys of the hour Cosmo’s Midnight came on to a snowy backdrop and wall-to-wall people. Kicking off with their Say My Name remix (the Odesza hit was a real crowd favourite) was a bold move but it pitched the set at the right level to carry on with. The drum pads added a great visual element to their set and gave a nice contrast to their more funky, delicate sound. They played out their Rainbow Paddle Pop number Walk With Me ft. Kučka and ended on a high with latest release History. I always enjoy what these Sydney twins have to play and look forward to a hopeful album release in the near future.

Every act of the night beautifully complimented one another, all with the sense of a light future bass vibe. With a few big headliners in one night it’s only a question of “where does Mr. Lonely go from here?”