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Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale brings real hypnosis and real fun back to FRINGE WORLD 2020 with his new show, Random Acts Of Mindness. Matt uses the power of suggestion to unlock the hidden talents of the audience, simultaneously empowering them and humouring the audience. Catch him from Friday, January 17 at Yagan Square’s Megamouth.

Random Acts Of Mindness will combine random audience participation with Matt’s spell-binding abilities to create a fun one-hour show, suitable for all ages and tastes.  No two shows are ever the same. Matt hypnotises his volunteers from the audience and makes them do hilarious tasks, such as talking like an alien. He debunks the mystery around hypnotism, making people embrace the “give-it-a-go” attitude.

With 31 performances across five venues, if you miss the premiere of Random Acts Of Mindness on Friday, January 17 at Megamouth, catch him at The Big Top at Scarborough’s Sunset Veranda; Joondalup’s Redmond Theatre; the Piazza at Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre, along with three matinee shows at Woodside’s Pleasure Garden.

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale’s Random Acts Of Mindness launches on Friday, January 17 at Yagan Square’s Megamouth. Tickets, dates and info available HERE.

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