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COMA Darkfield’s sensory trilogy complete

After bringing their immersive sea-containers to Perth in previous years with shows such as Séance and Flight, Darkfield are bringing the third instalment of their “trilogy” to FRINGE WORLD 2021COMA will offer a multi-sensory experience in the Woodside Pleasure Garden from Friday, January 15 to Sunday, February 14.

Presented by Realscape Productions (AU) in association with Darkfield (UK), COMA will join its predecessors, three ubiquitous white sea-containers that each explore a theme of fear and anxiety, in complete and utter darkness.

COMA is set in a 40ft sea-container, each wall lined with bunk beds. Audience members lie down in a bed, each becoming separated from their counterparts. Alone in the darkness, the multi-sensory elements engulf each participant, suggestive of the show’s own namesake.

Darkfield’s COMA will hit the Woodside Pleasure Garden from Friday, January 15 to Sunday, February 14. For more info and to buy tickets head to

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