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Club Sandwich!


New Year’s Day was already looking alrighty with Cuban Club’s announcement of De La Soul and DJ Yoda bringing the goodness, but they’ve upped the ’14 anti with a new load of inclusions. Takin’ it live will be The Brow Horn Orchestra; Eve B & The Beatcutters and Sambalicious.

The DJ line-up is on fire with (RTRFM stalwart and three-time Perth Dance Music Awards-winning) Craig Hollywood; DCUP and Flight Facilities support star George Air; festival faves and Aviary residents Paradise Paul and Troy Division;Botanica and The Claremont resident James Yelland; plus party professionals Daywalker, Patches and DJ Samwise.

There’s gourmet food and beverage action too, check here for details. All inclusive tickets are $268.50

(plus payment processing and transaction fees) from

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