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CLOUD CONTROL Rainbow City gets 7/10

Cloud Control
Rainbow City
Ivy League


There is something grandiose to be felt from the return of Cloud Control after a four year gap with Rainbow City. If the band hasn’t themselves haven’t changed a great deal, the track itself suggests a significant passage of time has passed.

With Cloud Control moving between various record studios during that time, it ultimately feels like a soul search, from the band and to the listener. A whimsical rock piece containing an undeniably old-school rock feel, Rainbow City wants you to get up and get yourself lost in your own ambition.

Wherever the hell, or whatever the hell is Rainbow City is, the combination of fleeting metaphor for whatever is desire to the listener, coupled with the crazed out, rad vocal harmonies and 70s rock instrumentation, Cloud Control are certainly able to take you to that place.


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