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Clive Palmer Arrives To Parliament Blasting Van Morrison

clive palmer_swag

Literal fat cat, Clive Palmer rolled up to Parliament in a sleek Rolls Royce this morning to lobby on behalf of the 98 per cent of Australians who are unrepresented.

Palmer got out of his car, which was pumping Van Morrison, distracting the media pack that was talking to Labor’s Brendan O’Connor about jobs figures, News Limited reports.

“I like Van Morrison,” he told reporters.

“He’s a bit old for most Australians, but you’ll hear him being played in the nursing homes across Australia in the next 20 years.”

“But I would say only two per cent of Australians have lobbyists in Canberra, the other 98 per cent are unrepresented,” he said. “I am here to represent them.”

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