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CLIENT LIAISON @ Metropolis Fremantle gets 9/10

Client Liaison @ Metropolis Fremantle
w/ Woodes, Chela
Saturday, November 2, 2019


Client Liaison presented us with their new hit The Real Thing on yet another bedazzling tour. Duo Monte Morgan (vocalist) and Harvey Miller (producer) put on nothing short of a captivating performance last Saturday night at Metropolis Fremantle in support of the new EP.

Opening up the show was Melbourne-based artist Chela, revisiting her home in Fremantle just one day after the release of her brand new EP Delivery. Chela brought us a short and sweet set which kicked off the night just perfectly with this track among others in her electronic, dance, indie, pop and rock fusion.

Woodes was a dreamy sensation with her starry background and all-white attire, a near galaxy experience some might say. She played her latest tracks Silent Disco and How Long I’d Wait, chatting to the crowd in between. “It’s kind of like a sixth-grade clap,” she said starting us clapping along with her and her two-piece band. Woodes finished off her polished set on an angelic note leaving the crowd warmed up to just the right level as suspense drew us in closer.

Client Liaison

Monte Morgan’s entrance following this suspense was memorable. With a mic spin and some screams from the crowd aplenty, there was no doubt there were some serious fans in this room. Client Liaison, dressed strictly for business, opened with fan favourite Wild Life, instantly taking us back in time to the generation they never left. After treating us with another favourite I Could Never Live Without You, mullet man Morgan asked the crowd, “who wants champagne make some noise?” followed by a quick costume change into a sparkly edition for the best-loved Off White Limousine. 

Client Liaison

Channelling INXS vibes with The Beat Supreme, this is a band clever and creative enough to take us on a colourful, Australian journey through time. Survival In The City was an instant change of dynamic with another costume change from Morgan and his dance moves one of kind, just like the Las Vegas themed graphics which took over the entire venue during this track. There were even choreographed dance moves in unison as the band gave off a collective energy.

Client Liaison

Veering towards the end of the night they played World of Our Love among a moonlit backdrop and some smooth saxophone, certainly making us feel the love. Reeling off the night like a movie, the five-piece played Kool & The Gang’s Celebration, showing appreciation to their staff with names featured on credits rolling in the background. Ultimately, Saturday night was a multi-sensory experience, and a pretty flawless performance that left us wanting more.


Photos by Sharon Burgess

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