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CLARK Honey Badger gets 7.5/10

Honey Badger


British electronic producer, Clark, is well known for his mechanical, raw sounding, experimental techno music, that’s evolved and diversified as much as electronic music has in itself. Ahead of the release of Honey Badger / Pig on December 1, he’s just dropped new track, Honey Badger. Get ready for a crazy journey through Clark’s mad hatter-esque realm. Hit play and follow the white rabbit down the endless warren burrows to the depths of what’s on offer, with twists and turns, highs and lows; the deeper you go, the crazier it gets. You can’t just listen to Honey Badger, you experience it.

It starts off with a bassy thumping which comes to an abrupt halt to transition the listener into a warped fusion of mechanical and acidic sounds that put you right into the depths of a 2 am rave. It isn’t symmetrical in any way, it’s filled with scatterings of sound that differ every so often throughout the nearing 7 minute track. There’s a lot happening, but it’s never too much, as each element is enhanced by its precursor or successor. You never really know where you are, you’re literally lost in the track until the silence of song closure.

It’s a difficult sound and situation to describe, you have to experience it to fully understand. In one case, it’s just noise, but noise has a lot of power, it has the ability to inflict emotions and movement at the flick of a switch. Clark clearly knows this and how to use it to his advantage, and not only create an environment of audio, but a situation within it. It’s raw, pumping, cyborg music that’s exciting for the ears.


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