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CLARK Did someone say free download?


Free Clark track? Hell yeah!

Clark returns this autumn with his new album Death Peak, out Friday April 7 on Warp thru Inertia. To celebrate, he’s made pivotal album cut Hoova available via free download HERE.

The track plays out a crucial moment on the album – it bridges the album’s early, lighthearted accents and leads into Death Peak’s darker more corrosive tones.

Clark says about Hoova: “The trance riff on this hung suspended with no beat for ages. It’s sort of fashionable to do this at the moment, to avoid the hardest part of dance music, the actual drums. For me the drums are the hardest part to get right, and I couldn’t resist the challenge, I thought ‘stop being a wimp get some kicks underneath the beast’.

“The actual hoova sound is made from this really funny/terrible EDM synth. You can vindicate it though. I spent about 2 days putting it on tape, I spliced it and everything, like an anal bastard. Made proper tape loops of it. When you pitch them down and riff over them you get about 15 ambient tracks a day.

“I want to treat rave hoovers with the same meticulous, destructive love that Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) treats guitars with.”


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