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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

clap-your-hands-say-yeahOnly Run
Xtra Mile/Shock 

Three years since their last release and with a slew of line-up changes, Philadelphia-based alt-rockers Clap Your Hands Say Yeah bring us Only Run.

Slightly organised noise is what you can expect – that sounds like a diss; it is and it isn’t. Many times on this record, there does seem to be just a lot of distortion, feedback and abstract vocals all slapped together without much structure, but sometimes the result can be aurally pleasing.

Little Moments is one of those times all this incohesive noise comes together with good effect. It starts off very much like ’80s disco and evolves into a lyrically urgent affair with striking piano parts. Just as the disc feels like it’s on the up, there’s a very unfortunate and obscure intro on the next track, Only Run. The song seems like it’s going to go somewhere but fails to ever fire.

The album has its moments, such as the atmospheric Your Advice and spacey opener, As Always. However, on the whole it really is mish-mash and not quite what you’d expect after a three-year wait. There are enjoyable songs on this release, but they struggle to hold up on their own when plucked away from the pack.

Alexander Crowden

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