CHRISTIAN HULL @ Regal Theatre gets 7/10

Christian Hull Complete Drivel Live
@ Regal Theatre (Perth Comedy Festival)
Friday, May 3, 2019


Christian Hull has a really loyal fan base thanks to his social media fame, and they were out in force for his sold out show at Perth Comedy Festival – the first of the festival to sell out, no less. For someone who isn’t a professional comedian, that’s a hell of a feat, particularly given the pedigree and experience of most performers on the bill competing for ticket sales. Sadly, Christian Hull and Trish did not deliver their best, but was still a total crowd pleaser.

It’s got to be lovely to be so naturally funny and charismatic that you don’t even need to work at your comedy. To the point that your audience will even forgive referring to notes throughout. But that’s a hard no for any professional comedian worth their saltiness. No matter how funny you might be about utilising notes, that’s amateur red flag number one.

This review will very likely differ from the avid fan’s experience, some of whom had never attended a comedy show prior, based on a straw poll. The majority adored every moment, and yes, Hull is undoubtedly a very funny man, impossibly ingratiating even during those moments when he is doing his damndest to be truly offensive.

Self-deprecation is nothing new in comedy, and self-loathing, particularly of one’s body, are shallow comedy waters indeed. They don’t even warrant deep diving exploration, it’s been done to death, and the real joy in comedy is in new material we haven’t seen before. This is not that.

But somehow, Hull is such a delight that all the show’s flaws are forgivable. Hull’s appeal is far reaching and broad and the love for him is palpable. He is relatable and gregarious and so very lovable you need to stop yourself from jumping up and hugging him.

His weaknesses are easily resolved – get a good producer to edit him down, and congratulations, you’ve got a winner, baby. But holy heck. What a way to kickstart a career in comedy, to sold-out audiences full of adulation. Hull’s future is bright.