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CHRIS HENRY: FLAIR @ The Gold Digger gets 8/10

Chris Henry FLAIR @ The Gold Digger
Thursday, February 7, 2020


Award-nominated Scotsman Chris Henry has brought his sharp and occasionally barbed sense of humour equipped with audience gasps and raucous laughter to FRINGE WORLD with FLAIR.

With a one hour run time, Henry uses his skills with humour and storytelling to relay to the audience his own life experiences, ups and downs, and eventual celebration and embracing of one’s self, all charged with ferocious comedy in a conversational style.

From experiences at Celtic vs Rangers football games as a child, to DJ dance routines and recruitment agencies, to being on the brink and then reacquainting yourself with life as you want to live it, Henry delivers an energetic show with charm and laughter.

Settled in the comfortable and green Urban Orchard, The Gold Digger is a cosy venue perfect for audience interaction, which is exactly what Henry brings. The start of the show is a conversation with the audience, where in the world they come from and what they’re doing in Perth – as you can imagine, there is something funny to be said for every location mentioned on the night.

Equipped with just a microphone and a bottle of Alby, Chris emits a conversational, easy-going tone from the get-go. Anyone who fears being plucked out of the crowd and rinsed in front of everyone by a comedian, rest assured, Henry is not that guy – as he states at the start. Sit back, relax with a drink, and be ready for the extraordinary journey Henry wants you to join him on.

In an introductory few sentences, the audience is informed that he is going to tell a comedic biographical story, and we embark on a bildungsroman journey through the mundanity and bleakness of a 9-5 Scottish working life without direction or purpose.

Beautifully using comedic elements to lighten up the dark moments of his life, it’s strange to find yourself laughing at his misfortune, yet Henry finds a way to make it seem normal, just as he is able to relay important social messages to the audience. Most importantly – being yourself.

The Gold Digger tent is filled with laughter, gasps, applause, and empathy as the audience bathe in the enigmatic ball of persona and humour that is Chris Henry. Even audience members who were stony-faced at some early digs found themselves breaking into fits of laughter and applause at the undeniable brilliance of the Scotsman.

For a feel-good night of laughter this Fringe, Chris Henry’s FLAIR is an absolute must. Walk away feeling uplifted and charmed by what really is a brilliant, hilarious and somewhat moving show.


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