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Get Down With The Sickness

Childsaint launch their debut EP, Sickness, at The Bird this Friday, September 19, with support from Dream Rimmy and Delay Delay. We caught up with Chloë McGrath, one quarter of the dark-folk outfit, to get the lowdown. 

Who are Childsaint? 

Childsaint began with Jane Azzopardi and myself deciding to play our miserable acoustic songs together, about a year ago. Then we asked Ashlyn Koh if she wanted to drum for us, and then Rhian Todhunter signed up on bass and we became less acoustic-y and made more …whelmed… music.

What’s your sound? 

Between us all, we have varied tastes that meld together and shape our sound. We’re a bit dreamy, folky, but dark and driven at the same time. A friend told me we could be the soundtrack to a western film; we get very different comparisons. We all agree on our love for and influence of Warpaint, Sharon Van Etten, The Drones, The War On Drugs, Batrider and Elliott Smith.

Tell us about Sick.

It’s our first release! Four tracks, all of which are originally written by Jane or myself and made better by the band. It’s kind of cruisy to listen to, a little dark but it wouldn’t be Childsaint without nightmare imagery and cussing.

Where did you record?

We recorded with Rob Stephens at Pink Eye over the summer months, mostly with amps mic’d up in Rob’s hallway. He’s probably the best guy you’ll meet, he was so patient with us, let us figure out how we wanted things to sound and helped us to get there.

What’s up next for you guys?
We haven’t really thought about it – our attention has been all on getting the EP out! Probably just keeping on writing and enjoying playing together.

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