CHELSEA WOLFE Heavy times at Badlands

Happy Monday. On the back of her latest album Hiss Spun, Chelsea Wolfe has announced she’s returning to Perth for the first time since 2012, playing at Badlands on Saturday, March 17. Put it in the diary, this will be HUGE.

In the time since her last tour, the prolific Wolfe has released 2013 breakthrough Pain Is Beauty, the John Congleton produced, Russian Circles featuring masterpiece Abyss (2015) and now the doom-laden Hiss Spun, produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou.

Seamlessly fusing elements of gothic-rock, folk, and doom metal, Wolfe’s music offers a combination of the delicate and the crushing, brooding and visceral, lyrically steeped in introspective dread.

The end product is a winning formula that has earned her critical commendation for the best part of a decade. Hiss Spun, unveiled in September this year, is receiving similar praise.

Hiss Spun is out now. Read our review HERE. Chelsea Wolfe plays Badlands on Saturday, March 17. Tickets on sale now.