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CHATTERS Walking the talk

Perth MC Chatters is set unveil his new EP Still Chatting on Monday, June 28. It follows on from last year’s EP Chat Room, with the local rapper teaming up with producer Uncool Sam to bring out the best in the tracks, and channeling diverse influences into a sound truly his own. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Chatters to find out about how the record was born in the thick of our first COVID lockdown, when we can catch it live, and how much like his failed plans for a quiet weekend described in the EP’s single Someday Soon, it grew into something bigger than even he expected. 

Congratulations on the release of your second EP Still Chatting. How long has it been in the works for and can you pinpoint how the idea for it began?

Still Chatting has been in the works for about a year now. I began writing the EP when I was made redundant from my job due to COVID and pretty much wrote all of the songs besides Someday Soon within that first lockdown period and once I was able to go to the studio that’s when Uncool Sam and I put music to the lyrics, which was a first for me as I always have made a beat then written to the beat. So I guess the idea of a new EP came along due to COVID, and being locked in my house for a period of time without a Nintendo Switch as they were sold out everywhere.

And how did the EP grow or change from the initial beginning to what it is today? Did some songs take a direction that even you weren’t originally expecting?

Each song has actually changed dramatically as this was the first time I’d actually finished a project and instead of just releasing it, I sat on it for nearly three months and revisited each song with Uncool Sam and then we started to pick apart lyrics, delivery of lines, instrument choices and melodies. It was pretty cool as songs like I Know and Over and Thrown originally had just me singing the choruses, but then I stumbled across Olivia De Melo and knew she could just enhance that vocal range and style to suit the song better than just my voice.

And what influences do you feel have shaped your sound to date? It seems like they reach beyond just hip hop…

I’ve listened to a lot of different genres of music my whole life and never really wanted to limit myself in just one genre. So you could say that’s why a lot of my music has elements of pop, punk, rock and even blues – not just hip hop. Growing up my favourite band was KISS and I always idolised how they weren’t scared to change their sound from acoustic to heavy rock to glamour rock to even disco – but when you heard any one of their songs, you still knew it was KISS and that’s what I’ve always aimed for, writing and releasing different music but still keeping that Chatters sound.

Tell us about your video clip for Someday Soon… Is there some kind of connection between what plays out in the video and what the song is about?

Someday Soon had to be the funniest video clip I have ever been a part of. Not only was it fun just walking around getting odd looks from people in the shops and streets but seeing my little cousin’s reactions to me dressed as a homeless clown. I can honestly say it took them about 10 minutes to warm up to me and finally let me in their room to properly say hello.

The clip does loosely have a connection to the song as the song is based pretty much on my weekends as even when I try to have a quiet night in, it always turns into something bigger than expect and I’m always telling myself Someday Soon I’ll grow up and leave this phase. But so far I haven’t and most Monday mornings I may not wear the clown outfit but I do look just as shit.

Putting together music can often be private endeavour, but who has helped you bring these tunes to life?

My last two projects have been produced, mixed and mastered by Uncool Sam. That man is honestly a genius, I cannot thank him enough as without him these songs would never have been made or released. Me and him just bounce off each other really well as he has always showed care and drive to want the best out of me as well as the songs. He has never been afraid to push my boundaries with my voice as well as push his own on the production side.

You’re also celebrating the release with a launch show soon. Will this be the first time people can catch some of the new tunes live on stage? And what can we look forward to on the night?

I will be performing a couple of new tunes off the EP for the first time at Milk Bar Supporting Queency on Friday, July 9. I have a 30 minute set with Uncool Sam on the decks as well as Bexx and Jewel Owusu supporting that night as well. I’m hoping to have an EP Launch show though in mid-August with details coming out soon. So keep your eyes peeled!

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