Chaos Divine

What: Headlining, with Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, Tempest Rising and Nevsky Prospekt

Where: Amplifier Bar

When: Friday, July 10, 2015

Answered by Ryan Felton (Guitarist)

How’s your live sound developing of late?

We have really worked hard on improving our live show, and it was really something we developed after we released Colliding Skies. We wanted to make sure the new songs translated properly for the stage. It was a bit of a task due to the intricacies of the album compared to some of our older stuff, but we really enjoy playing our new material live and putting in 100% when we play.

What’s the current set list looking like?

For our upcoming shows we will be doing a bit of a mixed bag – new songs, old songs and a complete surprise of a cover that is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Are you happy with the reaction to Colliding Skies?

We really have been blown away with the response, given that we heard a lot from people that they were worried we wouldn’t be able to top our previous album. It’s in our nature to not do the exact same album every time, but we are really pleased that those who liked the last one, seem to really like the new one too. The reviews we have seen are for the most part all really positive and now for us its about taking the album to the next level.

What’s up next?

We want to look abroad and secure some things that are really going to take our album into the hands of people in Europe or the US, that’s where we see our next step being.