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Chainsaw Hookers

Chainsaw Hookers - Photo By Denis RadacicYaYa’s
Friday, August 2, 2013

An unusual array of genres made for a confusing, yet deliciously entertaining mix of music, characters, and of course cliques in the small and cosy venue.

With a noticeable lilt of Australian vocals sounding like a placated version of Frenzal Rhomb, the boys from Dan Cribb And The Isolated triumphed in breaking the ice through their relaxed banter and cheerful dispositions. Including a multi-talented drummer and some sterling vocal harmonies, the boys played a solid show.

Each performance was delightfully punctuated by the hilarious musical stylings of Yiannos McStavros. With each set, the lyrics somehow became more irreverent, making these short bursts of pure piss taking brilliance widely anticipated. Yiannos filled the normally empty voids between bands with some thoroughly enjoyable, quick witted fun.

A complete change of pace for the night; Celebrator began their set with a beautifully still instrumental intro, with soft vocals to join. Groovy bass and smooth guitars with fantastically jazzy and intricate drumming ensured this band was a very different and pleasantly surprising stroke for the night. Stunning transitions between songs created by lulling melodies emanating from the keyboards and the subdued vocals made for a more emotive set, even when the vocals became a sorrowful yet unrestrained yell. This band really knows how to use the quieter moments in a song to somehow say the most.

With their fast and upbeat drumming, The Order of The Black Werewolf picked up the pace. The fantastic contrast of rough lead vocals combined with smooth and perfectly delivered backups meant this 3 piece band really cut through the quiet, despite their size. The resonant vocal howling caused a stir, and the dance floor finally started to see some action as the crowd responded to the order of the night. The final song from a stellar set was a mix of Ennio Morricone inspired western twangs capped off with some ironically opposing Native American sounds, in keeping with the wolf theme.

Once the diehard fans had closed in on the stage, Chainsaw Hookers burst out with a fierce and powerful scream. They decided it was time to ‘lift the momentum’, with an undeniably much louder and more aggressive set. Due to the diverse grouping of bands, a few punters were initially a little taken aback by the onslaught of screams, however by the second song it was these shocked onlookers who seemed to be enjoying the novelty of jumping about and raucous antics the most. With their sudden outbursts of fun poking jabs at the crowd and  a fuck you attitude, this loud mouthed group of dirty punk rockers growled, screamed, riffed, and hooked their way through a no holds barred barrage of trucker trash rock. The animated crowd lapped up the shenanigans while the bunch of riotous rockers hammed it up, even throwing in some guitar heroics for shits and giggles.

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