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CeresI Don’t Want To Be Anywhere Else But Here
Hobbledehoy Records

There’s something pretty special about music that’s equally as infectious and anthemic as it is affecting – which is precisely what Melbourne four-piece Ceres achieve on impassioned debut album, I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here. Wearing their influences proudly, on Syllables and Try To Keep You the band feels reminiscent of acts such as Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids while developing a distinct identity that sees a clear progression from last year’s Luck EP.

Full to the brim with poppy hooks and alt-rock effervescence, tracks such as I Feel Fine, I Feel Sick and Barkly Garden Break Up Park are quite content to lull you into a false sense of positivity before delivering swift, crippling emotional gut-punches. As fists-raised zest turns quickly into yo-where-did-all-these-feelings-come-from-no-one-said-anything-about-feelings-what-the-fuck, it becomes apparent that the band’s organic blend of boisterous punk leanings, impossibly catchy refrains and heart-on-sleeve sincerity results in a strikingly impressive debut.

It’s unassuming punk rock with the kind of energy that demands movement, coupled with the kind of lyrical honesty that forces introspection.


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