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CELERY Snap And Crackle


The new album from Celery gets launched in fine old style at the Velvet Lounge this Sunday, April 26, we caught up with Celery main man Sean Gorman for a quick word.

Who or what is celery? Give us a history lesson.

Celery is my new side project when I’m not playing and writing songs with amorous Perth band The Shops.  Previously I’ve released some stuff as Streaky Jake and then Swoop Swoop via Metal Postcard Records.

What’s your sound? Who are your influences?

Sound = West Coast Sun Roll.

Influences = Jeff’s Dead, Bugbear, Louis Inglis, The Feelies, LCD Soundsystem, Cat Power, Jason Molina, Jay Reatard

Tell us about the album.

The album is a a hotchpotch of recordings I’ve done over the last few years exploring programming drum machine samples and synth bass lines.  Previously I’d recorded stuff on four and eight tracks but with this album I decided to get into the box and suss out how to use a DAW.  I started out using garage band and then graduated to logic and upgraded my computer when my old laptop started melting down because I’d started getting carried away with exotic plugins.  This all took some time and the whole thing became a bit of a Chinese Democracy sans royalties from previously released classic albums.  Then it all got put to the side when me Cameron Hanush and Louis Inglis formed The Shops, but eventually when they were busy launching Jeff’s Dead’s epic EP earlier this year I found the time to finalise the mix and organise mastering and artwork and all the associated jazz that goes along with that.  The artwork is designed by a local legendary Architect Brett Mitchell and uses a photo by legendary local photographer Mike Maxted.

How did recording go?

I recorded most of it on my own except for a couple of songs which I tracked with Louis Inglis at his Maylands manoir.  The recording and mixing took place at a variety of locations as follows:

1. Flooded Garage at Overton Gardens, Cottesloe

2. Tin Shed inside a studio out the back of an antique shop on South Street in White Gum Valley

3.  Spare Bedroom at a house on  Noel Street in Hilton

4. Louis Inglis Manoir on Central Avenue in Maylands

5. Above a coffee shop on Queen Victoria Street in North Fremantle

What’s up next?

We’re launching the album this Sunday at the Velvet Lounge with support from excellent local acts, Xanthea, True Science and Arlo | Esnat.

Also, I’ve managed to draft the following amazing musicians to play with me at the launch:

1. Cameron Hanush (The Shops, Jeff’s Dead, Bugbear)

2, Rachel Hocking  (Rachel Charles, Galloping Foxleys)

3. Louis Inglis  (The Shops, Jeff’s Dead)

4. Jeff Strong  (Jeff’s Dead)

5. Harvey Rae  (True Science)

6. Jasun Snook (Dear Hella, The Whistling Dogs, Galloping Foxleys, Justin Walshe Folk Machine)

Following that The Shops are launching our debut EP in August at Mojos and the next Celery and new The Shops recordings album are underway.


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